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Spring pea cappuccino

Spring pea cappuccino By Elisa Berghi e Laura Franceschetti Serves 4 400 gr fresh or frozen baby peas 1 potato 1 green onion 4 tbs evoo 4 basil leaves q.b. fresh chive salt and white pepper for the foam: 100 gr ricotta cheese 50 gr sauer cream 50 gr grated semi-aged tuscan sheep cheese  Continue Reading

Rice Within Italian and World Cuisines

Rice has been a staple in the Italian cuisine for hundreds of years. The first documented recipe containing rice dated back to September 12, 1475 when Galezzo Maria Sforza, the Duke of Ferrara wrote a letter asking for 12 stacks of rice. This may be the earliest date of rice in the Italian heritage howeverContinue Reading

Formaggio, the italian word for cheese…

Tuscan cuisine is known for its simplicity but elegance. Tucan is surrounded by seacoasts, mountains, and plains so it has a variety of different fresh ingredients to choose from. Tuscan cuisine, however, is very different from any other regional cuisine. Formaggio, the italian word for cheese, is a primary ingredient in Italian cuisine and isContinue Reading