Cooking in Chianti was born thanks to the consideration and friendship between two young Florentine women fond of well living and cooking who met each other in an ancient kitchen inside one of the most beautiful villas in the Chianti area.

Elisa Berghi
Discovers her passion for cooking and experimenting when she was a kid, and her parents still remember her first “successes” in their home kitchen. Pizza, biscuits and cakes were her favorite challenges. Growing up, she has always brought with her a genuine curiosity for food, cooking, and the relationship between food sharing and the social belonging.
Elisa searches for the best quality of local products and loves to revisit traditional recipes with a modern eye.

Laura Franceschetti
Laura was born in 1970 in Florence ,her passion for food and wine was handed down from grandmothers: one born next to Reggio Emilia ,she ,with her family , ran a restaurant in Paris, then in Parma and finally an inn in Aulla ( in Tuscany ,next to Ligury ).The other was born in Cortona ,close to Arezzo, and even her, was a grat cook!
Laura has cooked in several restaurant for many years, bringing with her ,fantasy and a wealth of recipes that have been passed from one generation to another.
Laura is and expert cook and a wonderfull host, she  will convey to you the right approach to culinary arts ,starting with the selection of fresh,local and seasonal ingredients.  As she always says ” Cook is Fantasy !! When you cook , use your 5 senses ! ”
She also offer the service of personal chef and catering .